Eclectic Naturopathic Medical Center, LLC
Dr. Kathleen M. Riley, N.D.


Q: How are Naturopaths trained?
A: Naturopathic physicians attend an accredited four-year medical school where they are trained in both basic and clinical sciences including: anatomy, biochemistry, physiology, clinical and physical diagnosis, laboratory and x-ray diagnosis and pharmacology. In addition, they are trained in botanical medicine, nutrition, homeopathy, counseling and other types of treatment modalities not typically offered by allopathic doctors.

Q: How are naturopaths different from an allopathic doctor?
A: Both naturopathic and allopathic doctors are licensed in the state they live in as primary care physicians. The main difference is naturopathic physicians treat the body as a whole with natural remedies that are safe and generally free of side effects, referring to other health care practitioners when additional diagnostics or therapeutics are needed. We are happy to be part of your health care team.

Q: Do I need to discontinue the pharmaceutical medicine that I am taking in order to come see you?
A: No. It is recommended that you continue to take your medications. If at a later date, it is determined that your health has improved sufficiently, you may work with the original prescribing physician to adjust your dosage.

Q: Do I need to quit all of my unhealthy habits immediately?
A: No. Our goal is to provide you with support, knowledge and guidance to best obtain your health care goals. The most effective path to optimal health is the one that works for you.

Q: When will I get better?
A: Everyone has his or her own response to healing. Generally speaking, the longer you've had a disease, the longer it will take to get better. Usually people will notice improvements in the first three weeks.

Q: What is the difference between naturopathic medicine and homeopathy?
A: Naturopathic medicine is a broad field of medicine that uses natural therapies, including homeopathy. Naturopathic doctors study homeopathy as well as herbal medicine, nutrition and lifestyle counseling. Naturopathic doctors have the option to approach the patient and disease process from a variety of perspectives.

Q: Are all herbal medicines safe?
A: No. While many are, some can have toxic effects if not taken correctly. Just like you wouldn't eat unknown berries and mushrooms in the wild, its best to know which medicines to take.

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